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I am a paleoceanographer/marine geologist who studies the history and causes of climate change in the Earth's past.   By the time I was eight I wanted to be an oceanographer.   As a college freshman I discovered the field of paleoclimatology.   In the summer of 2011 I arrived at Lamont, returning to the same labs I left from with a Ph.D. in 1989.   It's great to be back at this special place.

This page provides links to my current research, collaborators, publications, and published data, as well as other science-related material.  The National Science Foundation has funded much of this research and their support is gratefully acknowledged*.  If you have difficulty viewing any part of this web site or have questions about any data or papers, please let me know.  
If you are interested in pursuing research in paleoclimatology don't hesitate to contact me as I am looking for exceptional students and post-docs with mutual interests.   LDEO holds an annual post-doc competition (link) and also has one of the top graduate programs in Paleoclimatology/Geochemistry in the country (link).

Please also consider applying for the new Provost's Postdoctoral Research Scientist/Scholar Program that aims to recruit outstanding scholars from historically underrepresented groups.

Here's our recent paper published in March 2012 in Nature:

Raymo, M. E., and J. X. Mitrovica, 2012, Collapse of polar ice sheets during the stage 11 interglacial, Nature, doi:10.1038/nature10891. Supplemental Material

Some press:

New Scientist, Mar 14, 2012, Sinking Land Shows East Antarctic Ice Sheet Stable

ScienceDaily, Mar 14, 2012, New Study Lowers Estimate of Ancient Sea-Level Rise

El Universo (Spain), Mar 14, 2012, The Ice of Greenland and Part of Antarctica Collapsed Thousands of Years Ago

Die Presse, March 14, 2012, How High Was the Sea?

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