Maureen E. Raymo,  Ph.D, Columbia University, 1989

Bruce C. Heezen Lamont Research Professor, 

Director, Lamont-Doherty Core Repository

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
P.O. Box 1000, 61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY 10964
contact: raymo (that thing that goes here) ldeo.columbia.edu

I am a paleoceanographer/marine geologist who studies the history and causes of climate change in the Earth’s past.   By the time I was eight I wanted to be an oceanographer.   As a college freshman at Brown University I discovered the field of paleoclimatology.   In the summer of 2011 I landed at Lamont, returning to the same labs I left from with a Ph.D. in the late 80s.   It’s great to be back at this special place.

This site provides links to my current research, collaborators, publications, and published data, as well as other science-related material.  If you have difficulty viewing any part of this web site or have questions about any data or papers, please let me know.

New!  A handy high-res version of the LR04 stack complements of Mike Sandstrom: LR04 Stack Poster





Current and recent lab members

Nichole Anest, Repository Curator
Clara Chang, Repository technician
Amanda Liang, Graduate Student
Mike Sandstrom, Graduate Student
Blake Dyer, Post-doctoral Fellow
Shilei Li, Visiting Graduate Student
Alessio Rovere, Adjunct Scientist, Lamont (also at MARUM)
Heather Ford, Post-doctoral Fellow, now at Cambridge U.
Jonathon Gale, Graduate Student
Kara Dennis, Research Technician
Angel Mojarro, Repository technician, now at MIT

Student Info

Graduate Students:  If you are interested in applying to graduate school at Columbia University, please review information at the following link: http://eesc.columbia.edu/programs/graduate

Undergraduates:  We are always looking for motivated Columbia and Barnard undergraduates to work in our group either as part of an honors thesis or as a research technician. Please send an email to Dr. Raymo if you are interested in the research we do.